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Have you ever stopped to think about what your best life actually looks like, and what steps and habits you need to create to make this happen? This is of interest to us and below is a list of items the government requires you to complete which we use as tools to help uncover if you are on track, off track or to help you get back on track to achieve your best life.

Discover Our Accounting Services

Financial Statements

We are experts at gathering the pieces together to prepare a set of accounts for respective stakeholders which are accurate, compliant and informative.

Tax Returns

At We All Count, we can assist you with meeting all your tax obligations – including: BAS, tax returns and FBT. We work harder so you can rest easier and focus on what matters to you.

Management Reporting

Our experts can prepare meaningful reports on a timely basis, using and implementing technology to assist. We meet clients on a regular basis to review the results and help them move closer to their goals.

Business Advice

Our knowledge is the power you business needs and our services include: consulting, coaching, and advisory. We facilitate meaningful discussions around your accounts to provide advice that will help you make decisions.


We All Count are specialists in cloud accounting and in particular Xero. We’ll help you keep affairs up to date and BAS’s lodged on time. We provide it all – from set up to outsourced bookkeeping.


At We All Count, we provide a comprehensive range of superannuation services, from preparing the compliance requirements to establishing SMSF entities.

Why Choose We All Count For Your Accounting?

At We All Count, we give our clients greater control over their taxation requirements – their business growth and development  – and we provide superannuation solutions which create more wealth for the time when they will need it the most.

Maximise Your Refundwe go above and beyond to ensure all available deductions are included in your return and with our upfront fixed pricing, there are no surprises.

Holistic ApproachWe can integrate and optimise all the aspects of your financial needs so they all work together to achieve your goals.

We DeliverWe give more value than we are paid for. Each of our clients is treated as an individual and our strategies are tailored to suit your needs,not ours. 

Your Team

We listen to your story, we understand your needs, and we deliver the best solutions.